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  1. Tom Howard says:

    I have a large black stain, do you think it will come out with your cleaning?

    • Doug Holloway says:

      Yes almost certainly. It is probably caused by a spillage or even an attempt to clean using a shampoo which has left a sticky patch and the dirt has stuck to it.

  2. Kirsty says:

    My boyfriend got a load of grease from his bike over our lounge carpet, can you get this off?

  3. Doug Holloway says:

    Grease can usually be removed, it can be difficult if the is a large amount. Was it a cycle or a motor bike?

  4. Kirsty says:

    It was his motor bike, he was doing something to the engine.

  5. Doug Holloway says:

    This happens a surprising number of times, mainly in flats.
    I have a range of solvents with which I can usually remove the grease and oil.

  6. Julieanne says:

    I need my carpets cleaned badly. I have had 8 cats and didn’t realise the mess until I moved my stuff out. Can you help?

  7. Doug Holloway says:

    Hopefully I can I will need to go and look and see what condition the carpet is in. My chemistry knowledge helps in these situations!

  8. Doug Holloway says:

    Well I went there and cleaned it all up, with what were very good results.
    It’s amazing what can be achieved with good equipment, chemicals, knowledge and a lot of hard work.

  9. doogmeister69 says:

    Hi People
    Please feel free to ask questions , I will always try to help.

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